Dear Universe: Why am I all over the place? Am I blocked? If so what is blocking me?

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I set the intention that this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that it assist them in making mindful decisions that may impact their life path. My will, Thy will, Divine will. Thank you for all you do. I know that through you all is possible.

Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I come to you for guidance. I ask that you assist me in providing guidance for myself and the people that read this. I ask that it be a message of the highest quality and assist them as they make decisions on their life journey.

Why am I all over the place?Am I blocked? If so what is blocking me?

Oh dear soul. You are all over the place because right now you are in a time of self-discovery. Patience has never been your strong suit when it comes to results.  It is one of the lessons you are learning right now.  You ultimately know that. We hear your prayers and thoughts. We know you want results now. We ask you to explore what emotions you are feeling. Why they are coming up? What is triggering them? Is it a person, place or thing? Pay attention to how you are reacting. That is the only thing you can control. Do not waste your time with worry for how another is acting or lashing out. That is their responsibility not yours. Grasping and holding on to the past will only make the process more painful.

Transformations are not easy. Please keep in mind it was the path you decided on. You always have selected the hardest paths. Everything you are going through is for a purpose far greater than you understand at the moment.  All that you need to know will be revealed soon enough.  Have you taken a second to think maybe you are being asked to take a breath and pause? Even though you feel like there is no forward movement that is not true. You and a lot of other people like you have been taught they have to fight and claw their way to where they want to go.

In this moment we implore you to put that hard worker/positive energy that you have into yourself instead of giving to others. It is not a time to sell yourself short. It is a time of great change for you. It is not meant for you to know all the time. You have to release the fear of the unknown and find excitement in the mystery.  Everyone goes through times where they are unclear and confused of the why associated with the changes that are happening around them. Please do not give up. Just stay true to your faith and trust the process. Like any process you have to go through every step for it to be a successful process. Do not try to rush the finish product. If you must reflect and see progress go back read your journal. Take the time to return to your breath and find guidance through your mediation.

Why do you feel like something is blocking you? When it comes to the Universe, your guardian angels, ancestors and spirit guides we are always supporting you and ready to assist for your highest good. You are not being blocked we would never want that for you. In fact the only limitation that you have are the limitations you put on yourself. Once you really accept and realize you and your beliefs are the only thing holding you back you will find freedom.

You must also find a way to allow things to fall away from you. If a place or a person does not feel right to you take it as a sign from us that it is not meant for you at the moment or perhaps any longer.  Do not be afraid to separate yourself from things that are not lifting you up or supporting the changes that you are making. Your job is not to make others understand why you are making the decisions that you are making. Others may not understand and you may not even know how to explain it either. Trust that there is a divine reason for it all. Trust that even if times are hard at the moment and you feel a disconnect with who you are or even who you are becoming there is reason for it. If you could see the reason for it the hard work and lessons would be skipped over.

When you feel like you are disconnected we ask you to come back home. Come back to your breath. Your breath is the key. It brings calm and helps you center. It brings clarity. We are always with you. Surrender to the process. When you need a sign that you are on the right path ask for a specific sign from us. Be very specific. We will deliver. Now, in this moment we want you to think of the time that you felt the most love/joy/happiness in your life. What memory do you have? Take that feeling and internalize it. Come back to it whenever you need to. Use it to propel you through the times like now. Never forget you are love, you are worthy, you are strong, you are all things you tell yourself and you must continue to believe the impossible is possible. Ultimately, you are all things that you see in others. For that reason you must love and accept yourself unconditionally.  

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