My life is my message.”

Mahatma Ghandi

One soul dedicated to lifting others! It starts with YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE!

Intuitive Healing

Healing others is my purpose. Through intuitive healing I help you become more aware of you, your thought patterns and beliefs. You can see a list of services provided by clicking the services button above. I believe that knowledge is power my goal is teach and provide you the tools to heal.

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Learn how to be present in the current moment. These techniques are easy to apply in any life situation. They assist with becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions with out judgement or distraction. Allowing you to engage and be fully present life.


There are times when we will find that we need a little more guidance. There are many different types of readings. You can see a full list of services i provide by clicking the services button above. My gifts allow me to connect with spirit in a way to provide guidance, clarity or even connect with past loved ones.

When you start loving yourself loving others comes easy!

-Christine Chandler