An automatic writing blog

-by Christine Chandler

These writings on this page are done by automatic writing. I have set the intention to receive only the highest quality message regarding the question asked. I ask that guidance received will be of the highest good for all that read the message at the time they read it.

My will, Thy will, Divine will!

Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Higher- Self

I come to you and ask for your divine guidance. I ask that you provide me with an answer of the highest quality that will lead me to the decisions I need to make. Thank you for all that you do. My will, Thy will, Divine Will.

What is blocking me and what do I need to release so I may move forward?

Oh Love, you know what you need to release. You are breaking old thought patterns and beginning to speak your truth. It is important to remember that you are not familiar with the feeling of being OK even when things might not go your way. You need to relax. Let the universe continue to light the path for you. Continue to watch for the synchronizes. We have been guiding you and you have been following the guidance. This feeling you are feeling right now is because you need to release allowing others to influence your internal world. Only you should control how you feel on the inside. Do not let the fear of others allow you to dim your light. Your light is a direct line to source. You allow source to shine through you so let that light be the brightest it has ever been. You are worthy. You are a divine spiritual being. Created by the creator and you are the co-creator. Continue to chase your passion. Do not worry about the material things of the world. Through the passion everything else will take shape. Your dreams are never too big. If you can dream it you can be it. Do not give up. This is just the beginning. Right now continue to lay the foundation.  Continue to show yourself and other compassion. Accept that you are not perfect. You are not expected to be perfect. You are expected to live a human life. A life that will lead you to successes, disappointments and choices. With every choice there is a lesson to be learned. Be open to the lessons by being in the moment. These lessons will bring you wisdom. Your wisdom will allow you to connect with others and assist them on their path. Do not doubt that you are not worthy. You are worthy, you have always been worthy. You are not your emotions remember that. Feel the emotions because it means it mattered to you. Fill your heart with love so you can receive your blessings from the universe. Set the right intentions. Make sure you are true to who you are. Trust your intuition. It will never lead you in the wrong direction. When you feel like you need assistance do not be afraid to ask we are here to help and guide you. However, we cannot intervene without you asking. Sometimes paths are going to be harder than others. Know you have the tools to navigate these paths. Those that wish to impose harm and have ill intentions for you will have to face their own Karma just as you have had to face yours. Remember you are breaking cycles not only for yourself but for generations to come. You are leading the way.  Continue to be the light on the path. Let your light shine brighter than it ever has before. Show the world who you are. Do not worry about acceptance or ridicule. Your people will find you and accept you with loving embrace. Let go of the self-destructive thought pattern and replace it with mindful techniques. You’re manifesting your thoughts just as quickly as you think them. So manifest the reality that will cultivate your dream. When you feel impatient and out of balance make sure that you ground and center yourself. Do not act out of impulse. Make sure that you are very mindful of your actions because ultimately you reap what you sow.  You are your own worst critic. It is most important that you watch how you speak to yourself and others. Your words will shape the reality around you. Your words influence the listener as well as yourself. There will be times where you have to be a conscientious observer. Action is not always needed. When action is needed we will show you the signs. Right now just surrender to divine timing. We love you.  

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