Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

By scheduling services with YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE, you acknowledge that YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE and its owner, are not medical professionals and the products and services offered by YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE, including but not limited to Oracle / Tarot card readings, Mediumship sessions, Chakra cleansings and alignment, EFT tapping sessions, Reiki, Crystal therapy, Meditation, and Intuitive life coaching do not replace care from a medical professional. The products and services provided by YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE do not replace psychiatric care. The products and services provided by YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE cannot diagnose,treat,cure or prevent an illness. YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE and its owner are not liable for any decisions made by you the client following a session concerning health, financial and or life in general. 

Everything discussed during the session is to be kept confidential. Any of the information that is taught in the session is for personal use only and is not to be replicated and used for commercial gain unless written permission is granted from YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE.

Payment Terms:

YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE accepts payment via credit and debit cards through Stripe, PayPal and Cash. 

Payment is due in full at the time of services unless an alternative agreement has been agreed upon. 

Appointments are considered confirmed once a confirmation of payment email is delivered. 

Late Arrival/No show/ Cancelation policy:

A client is considered a no show if 15 minutes have elapsed since the start of the appointment time. No shows will not be refunded any monies paid to YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE. Cancelations will not be refunded  and will be encouraged to rescheduled. After two attempts to reschedule the clients appointment will be marked as canceled and will not receive a refund.

Liability policy:

You as the client agree to and understand the following terms and conditions of pruchasing services: Intuitive coaching sessions will not be considered psychic readings and imply or guarantee anything discussed is a prediction of the future and may consist of events that may or may not occur and should be used for personal development and entertainment purposes only. You the client understand YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE are not a medical professional and cannot treat, prescribe, preform or interfere with medical treatment. The services associated with YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE do not take place of professional medical care. You the client release YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE from any liabilities and damages of any kind in association to any of the services received from YOUMEANDTHEWORLDYOUSEE.  These terms and conditions will remain in effect and will not expire unless requested by either party.