Control not the answer

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One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to release the need to control the journey. The knowing of where my path ends but not knowing the who, what, when, where or how I am going to get there. I know I am not alone in this. In the past I would envision things I want to happen or set expectations on how it is supposed to happen. Only to find I had set myself up for disappointment and missed opportunities. The more I would try to control one of the 5 w’s the more difficult the process would become. It would be the equivalent of herding cats. Nothing goes as planned and more chaos is created. As I type this I hear you cannot control the Universe. It is so true.

Sometimes we can get so focused on where we want to go that we lose where we are now. Where we are now is the most important place to be. This is where we are building foundations, planting our seeds and learning the lessons we came here to learn. This has to happen so when we get to the final destination we can be in a place to receive it fully. Trying to control the path is in a sense cheating yourself. When you try to control it you are telling the Universe that your way is the best way. Meaning that where you are right now is exactly where you want to stay. The Universe doesn’t consider stagnancy an option. You really only have two options. Either you grow or you regress. Which one is it going to be?

If you chose to grow you cant expect it to happen overnight. My advice to you would be to release all expectation on how you think things will happen. Definitely do not put a time frame on it. Growing takes time. Just like if you were to plant a garden there is work that must be done before you see the harvest. You have to till the soil, plant the seeds, water, weed and feed. The same applies for your soul growth. It is not like one day you wake up and you do not have to deal with your daily life. In fact it is quite the opposite. Your daily life is your school for your soul growth. The decisions you make daily in your life is leading you towards the reason you were brought to this wonderful planet. If you chose to not grow and surrender you will find that the outcome is never easy. Remember that everything is energy and energy is always changing. The universe is going to continue to put things in your path that will require you to make decisions. How you chose to interpret them will be totally up to you. Free will is a tricky thing. Everyone has a breaking point. What I mean is that eventually everyone has a moment that brings them to the realization that they have no control over the things around them. The only thing they can ever control is how to they react to the things that are being sent their way.

Some days are harder than others. Some decisions you will make will impact your life and the lives of others. Everything will not always be easy. Walking a spiritual path or even being a spiritual being is hard. It allows you to see things others cannot. You feel the emotion and energy of others at times. Sometimes you may not even know if the emotions you are experiencing are your emotions or the emotions of others. Do not allow times like this overwhelm you or cause you to throw in the towel. When you are feeling overwhelmed or it is too hard. Remember you do not have to do it alone. The answer is definitely not to try to control it. The answer is to surrender. Surrender you desire out to the universe, come back to self through meditation and listen for guidance. Once you surrender you will begin to see the signs that you are in alignment. This can be through the words of people you are interacting with. It can be through repetitive numbers often referred to as angel numbers. It could be through the lyrics of music or even pictures. You just have to come back to self, release control and surrender to the will of the universe.

Feel Your Energy

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Have you ever just sat and looked at the environment around you? What do you see? Well if you ask 100 different people I am confident you would get 100 different answers. Some would simply look around and give you descriptions of the objects they are surrounded by. Others would notice the people that they are directly interacting with. There would be others that would describe the things they are hearing and some the things they are smelling. If you were to ask me what I see in the environment around me. There is no telling what answer you will get on any given day. In my daily life I see things differently all the time.

I have the ability to see energy. Feel energy and manipulate energy. Yes, you read that correctly. It is something I can do. Believe it or not it is something you can do too. Don’t laugh! I know you may be skeptical but it is real. Energy is everything! Energy is around you, in you, used by you and put out by you. You are energy. Yes, you read that correctly too. Would you like to me to teach you how to connect with your own energy? Connecting to your own energy is key to understanding the energy around you. Once you can sit and really know what your energy feels like it allows feeling and seeing energy in your environment much easier.

It all starts with your breath. Now you will want to do this in a place where you are not going to be easily disturbed. Also it is important to release any expectation you have about what may happen. Expectations can hinder the process. You really want to be able to focus and pay attention to any changes that are happening in the body and around the body. Pay attention to any sensation (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touch/feel). Do not be discouraged if the first time you do this you see or feel nothing. It is all about persistency and consistency. Every person is different and it happens for them in different ways. If this doesn’t work of you it is OK. Try another technique.

Step 1: Find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed and just sit. Set the intention that this be done out of a place of love for yourself and for the energy around you. State out loud that you release any energy that is not yours that does not serve you on both the physical and non-physical level. That nothing but love enter and love remain. Intention is important.

Step 2: Start to focus on your breath. Take a deep breath in hold it for 2 seconds and let it out. Continue to focus on the breath. Allow it to become a smooth & rhythmic in and out focusing on the rise and fall of your breathing point. As you focus on the breath you might begin to feel a change in the environment around you. Some might feel a tingling around the head/neck. Just pay attention to what you are feeling. (This can be done with your eyes open or closed).

Step 3: The next thing you are going to do is while still breathing place all your focus on your feet. Sending all your energy to your feet. Continuing to breath. Deep breath in (hold for 2 seconds and deep breath out). Focus all your energy on your feet.

Step 4: Now, I want you to imagine that there is a glowing swirling white light of energy coming up from the earth into your feet. The energy is of the purest form straight from the earth. Feel the energy moving from the earth into your feet. Just feel the energy. Next, I want you to allow the energy to move up the legs, over the knees, through the thighs, over the hips, through the abdomen, into the chest, through the heart, over the shoulders, through the neck, up into the head and shooting up straight into the universe as far as you can imagine.

Step 5: You are now a direct line from the universe to mother earth. Feel the energy flowing through you freely. Now it is time to continue to make some mental notes. What are you feeling? What does your energy feel like? Did you feel any change in the environment around you? Do you see colors? Do you see images? Do you smell or hear anything? The experience is different for everyone. When you feel ready focus back on the breath. Make sure to thank the universe for the experience. Start to wiggle your toes, fingers and other parts of the body. If you closed your eyes it is time to open them. If you decided to keep your eyes open really look at the environment around you. Does it seem the same?

Step 6: Take a moment for yourself and just sit. Make sure you back in your surroundings and ready before you go and jump up and run off to the next thing. It is not uncommon to feel a little disoriented. Never do this when you really need to focus. (like driving, operating machinery or anything that really requires 100% of your attention).

Like I mentioned this will experience is different for everyone. Some times I even do this while am on a walk. I will focus on my breathing and allow myself to experience the energy as I go. As I began to do this more and more I was able to see the energy more clearly. I began to see that everything is energy. Everything has its own energy and you can see it. You just have to be open. Being open all starts with understanding your energy. Once you start to understand that you will really begin to see the world in a whole new way.

Whole-Being work is hard! Just roll with it!

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If I was to be honest, everything in my life is not sunshine in rainbows. Nobody has a life where they are happy all the time. Just like everyone else there are things that I don’t want to deal with. Come on who really wants to look at the parts of themselves that some would consider “toxic”? I certainly didn’t and still don’t like doing it. I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  We all go through it.  Do not be afraid to seek guidance on how to go through the process. Shoot just yesterday I had to reach out for clarity, direction and guidance. Healing, growing and change is a continuous process. Energy is always moving and changing. We are energy which means we are constantly changing too. That means who you were yesterday you are not today. There is only who you are today. Don’t get lost in the idea of being stuck, feeling unworthy or whatever self-imposed belief you have bestowed upon yourself.

We all have parts of ourselves that need healing. Trust the process. You have to feel your way through it. To get to it! Don’t get lost in the thoughts. Feel them, identify the emotion, accept it and then release it.  There are things about myself that I don’t want anyone to see. Yes, I can be a mean person. There are people that would say I was mean and they have every right to say that. I probably was mean to them and probably did something to them that didn’t align with their belief or values.

Overall I try my very best to treat people well. I never set an intention that I am going to hurt. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I am human like everyone else. Sometime I can be hot headed and let my mouth run away with me. One thing that my awakening has taught me is that I have to accept myself for it. So I do. I forgive myself when I stick my foot in my mouth. Then I look at the why behind it. Why did I get hot headed? What was being triggered at the moment?  What part did I play in the situation? I mean real part. Not my side of the story part. When was the first time I felt that emotion. I identify it and I let it go. I release the guilt, judgement and self-imposed attachment to it and release it up. I release it to the universe. I ask for healing. I ask for clarity. That doesn’t mean that I am never triggered again. It means that I have identified the why and now I can accept the part I played.

Whole being work is not easy. I say whole being work because I think it important to work on the whole self. The whole self because the shadow side of you never goes away. You just learn to accept yourself for it. Your shadow side will always be apart of you. It is not like you can detach it and throw it away. So accept it. Love the shadow part of you like you would the light part. Remember the light needs the dark just like the dark needs the light. There is beauty in both. Accept the parts of you that you look upon or have been programmed to believe are unfavorable.

The real question you need to ask yourself is “who gets to say it is unfavorable”? You or someone else? Who are you giving that power to? Let me tell you I have given my power away too many times! No more! I take my power back. I have cared what others have thought about me. I have dimmed and pushed my needs and desires off for way too long.  I have kept quite at times when I wanted to scream No at the top of my lungs. I have allowed myself to be hid in the shadows and for what. The happiness of others. The worry that because I have a different view or might be a little eccentric compared to them they will judge me.  You know what that is fine. Let them judge. They have every right to think or act how they want it’s their life. Just like it is my life.

Have you spoke up and actually spoke what you want? Or have you been saying everything you don’t want? Now that I look back at I see that when I would speak about what I don’t want the more what I didn’t want would happen. Words are powerful. No more! Now I catch myself. When I start to say I don’t want I quickly rephrase to what I do want. Remember people only hear part of what you tell them so make sure that you are telling them what you want.

I said this earlier and I will say this again. Whole-being work is hard! It is hard to accept yourself for the good, bad and ugly. Some days will be easier compared to others. That is OK. There is nothing wrong with having a not so great day. Those days pass. Just like the good days pass. That is life. That is the amazing thing about life. It is like a roller coaster of ups and downs that fill you with a plethora of emotions/feelings.  So roll with it. Learn to go with the flow. Teach yourself to accept yourself for who you are. Be the person that eats lunch and hears an amazing song on the radio and dances in the seat while you eat. Why not! Enjoy it. Who cares who is watching? If you feel it do it. Laugh at yourself when someone else laughs at you. It’s good to laugh at yourself. Laughter is good for the soul!  I encourage you to laugh at me. Maybe you just being you making them laugh raised their vibration and didn’t even know it.  Accept yourself as you are. Doing so will also allow you to accept others for who they are. Everyone wants acceptance! There is no better place to start. So look yourself in the mirror and tell that person looking a back that you love them. You forgive them for all the things you have done to yourself and other. Then tell them you accept them. You accept them for who they are. The person they are in this moment. 

Dear Universe,

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Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, ancestors and spirit guides,

I know that through you all is possible. I set the intention that this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that it assist them in making mindful decisions that may impact their life path. My will, Thy will, Divine will. Thank you for all you do.

What do we need to know in regards to the decisions we are currently struggling with?

The answer to your question has already been given to you multiple times. The problem is not what you need to know. It is what you need to do. The answer was presented to you the first time you asked it. You didn’t listen. You can ask and rephrase the question as many times as you would like but you are going to continue to get the same answer.

Your intuition will never lead you in the wrong direction. You decided to take the middle road. Remember the middle road is the long way. You will still have to learn a few lessons because you chose not address them head on. Addressing your problems head on is always the answer. Speak up if it is what you are feeling. Stand up for what you believe in.  You have to do what is right for you. Unfortunately, sometimes what is right for you will not sit well with others. It may even hurt them.  

You know that you manifest your reality. So do it. Manifest your reality. If you can think it, you can dream it. You can live it. Remember it takes work. Sometimes hard work. It all starts with you. What are you doing in the now that is influencing the outcome you want? Is there forward movement being made? Are you just getting impatient because you want to rush to the finish line? What are you learning in the moment? Pay close attention there are lessons to be learned. Continue to build your foundation. Bring balance back into your life. When the foundation is built on sturdy ground you will find that it can withstand the strongest storms.

Pay attention! The universe and your spiritual team are constantly sending you signs. They may be in the form of repeating numbers. The words of a song might lead to answers. Feel the energy around you. Close your eyes and just breath. The answers come in many ways. You will know the answer that is meant for you. You will feel it! Let your heart be your guide. Allow your heart to open and lead the way.

It is not a time to rush anything. You are making life changing decisions. You have to do it at the pace that is right for you. Right now it is time to look at the things that are working in your favor. What is currently thriving? Put your good energy into that. Really, look at where you are finding your happiness. Are you finding your happiness from within or searching for it through external factors? Are you cultivating an environment that is nurturing your growth or hindering your growth? Is there anything you can do in the now that can assist while the universe catches up with your dream? These are the real questions that you need to be asking yourself. These are the questions that will facilitate action.

Know that no matter where you are right now, you are on the right path for you. There is no wrong way. There are only lessons that will be learned that lead to your destiny. You have to have faith and trust. Rely on your faith. Take it one step at a time. One hour at a time, even one minute at a time if that is what it takes for you to stay present. Divine timing is a real thing. Continue to focus on being the best version of yourself. Put your good energy into that.  When you make a decision stand behind that decision and embrace whatever comes your way with confidence. Do not allow others to influence what is right for you. Only you know what is right for you. Remember, you are the co-creator of your life.

Release the Fear

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One day you are high on cloud nine. Everything seems to be going your way. You know and can see that everything is working in your favor and you are co-creating the life that you are destined for.  Then suddenly life throws you a curve ball. You had a plan and the universe decided that nope you still have lessons to learn. You know where you are going but just not the how. The not knowing can be a scary thing. There is a reason for it all. There is a reason everything cannot always go how you plan them. The universe is trying to show you a new path or lead you in a way that will cultivate your growth. I am told to tell you to release the fear. Take the leap. Take your fear and turn it into motivation. Don’t allow it to be a reason for you to stay where you are.  

When you start allowing the not knowing the how or why you begin to live out of fear. You start to question yourself and wonder if you were even actually doing the work. Shoot you may even begin to think that you were the one that was causing all the trauma and the toxic one the whole time.  What if I told you that is just your fear speaking to you? The fear of going backwards. The fear of change. The fear of rejection. The fear of moving forward and making the decisions for your higher good. The list of fears can go on forever. In some this may be a fear that if you leave a situation that you may lose that person forever. My response to you would be what if you find yourself in the process. What if you find that you never really lose anything that is meant for you? That at the time it is in your life it was something you needed. By letting it go you will find that new opportunities for growth will come your way. That through one loss you are rewarded with something else.

Fear is one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to making life changing decisions. Some fear the loss of a person. Others fear being alone. The fear of not being good enough. There are people that have built lives based on status and material things(money) due to the fear of poverty. The fear of being perceived as a failure. The fear of ___________ (you name it) it exists in someone’s world.

You must ask yourself “what am I really scared of”? Why am I holding on so tight to something that continues to bring be back to the same answer? “Let go! Move on! If it is meant for you it will find you”. It is hard to remember what yours is already yours and no one can ever really take it from you. Unless you allow it. It is your choice. What are you going to do? Are you going to continue to allow fear to run your life, or are you going to take that fear and use it to propel you forward?

There is only one thing blocking you from having the life you desire. Look in the mirror all the answers you need are within the person staring back at you. Stop letting the fear of the unknown be why you don’t do something. Don’t sell yourself short. You are worthy and deserving of everything you dream of. You must put in some work. Release the fear! Let it go. Use that fear as a force that influences you to make decision that are for your highest good.

The time is now

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I have struggled for the past couple days trying to figure out what I am going to write my next blog about. I have wrote down a plethora of different ideas. Started to write a ton of topic sentences all to draw a blank and delete. I have sat here looking at a blank screen for days. I set the intention for this blog to find the people that need to read it at the time that is meant for them. Let it bring insight and guidance as they make decisions on their life path. My will, thy will, divine will.

Suddenly as I sit hear listening to some calming music the idea pops into my head that I had already wrote my next blog. I had to start with what I believe. What a great way to start the year off. Start it off reaffirming what you value and believe. I actually wrote this back in December but never posted it. I am now being told the time is now.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the key to connecting to source. I believe that everything is energetically connected. We are all part of this great universe and the universe is part of us. I believe that we should treat others with respect and kindness.  Compassion, acceptance and living out of a place on non-judgement is the key to maintain a frequency that aligns with the frequency of the universe.  Always receive your energy from source by aligning with the higher frequencies. This allows you to use your energy in such ways that benefit all that you encounter.

All souls have a divine purpose and their life is their purpose. I whole heartily believe that love is the key to the return of humanity. That the return starts with each individual being. Forgiveness is never for the receiver but for the person forgiving. Forgiving yourself for past judgements, actions, and sabotaging behaviors is the key to releasing blockages. This allows each person to receive and lived their abundant life in the now.  Self-reflection allows for the identification and clearing of all blockages. This is on both the physical and non-physical level. It is key to remember that we are not the decisions of others. We are only the decision that we make. Our actions are the only actions that we can control in our life time. Every action, every decision is your energy used to shape your life. It is important to use your energy in the most positive ways to ensure the universe can deliver the life you are destined to live.

Through the nurturing of children to include your inner child there is healing. Healing yourself will naturally help heal those around you. The world as you know it will start to change drastically.  Showing yourself compassion allows for you to show compassion for others. Loving yourself allows you to love others.  Release all fears, judgements and guilt associated with the past. The past is no longer. The future has not yet arrived. There is only right now this present moment so how present do you want to be?

Speak your truth. Be mindful with your thoughts and words. Your thoughts quickly become your reality. Your words will not only influence your life but the life of others. Still honor your truth. This must be done in such a way that you honor yourself and your emotions. Your truth and desires may not always align with others. That is to be expected. Everyone is on their own path. However, it is important to remember that they also have a truth. It is not your place to judge. It is your place to accept they are just on a different path and have not yet learned or understand yet. Show them they are still worthy of love and see them for who they are. People deserve to be loved for just existing.

Do not be afraid of releasing things that no longer serve you. Sometimes things just are not meant for you any longer. Trust that what is yours will always return to you. Believe and have faith. Those that love you will find you. It is your job to be grateful for what you have now so when you receive your destiny you will understand the true value of how you got there. The present moments are the key to unveiling that destiny. So be present. Tell those you love you love them. Make it known that you are there even if they can’t hear you.

Opportunities will arise. Take every opportunity. Every person you encounter will have a purpose. There is a lesson to learn or a message to receive from everyone. Be open to those lessons. Allow them to guide you forward on your journey. Do not live out a place of fear. Fear will hold you back from achieving everything you desire. Live fearlessly!

Life will not always be easy. That is because there are lessons to be learned. In those times do not act in haste. Let the chaos subside and come at it with a clear mind. Sit with yourself and listen to your inner voice. It will never lead you astray.  The hard lessons in life are the ones where you gain the most wisdom. Your darkest moments will be the moments that inspire others.

Rest and self-care are key to regaining energy. Make sure that you take care of yourself. You are worthy or rest. You are worthy to be cared for. Make yourself a priority. When you make yourself a priority you are telling others that you are deserving.

You cannot always be the giver. You deserve to receive too.  In the past you have always gave everything to others. You have always accepted less in return. Those days are no longer. Continue to give with no expectations. This will allow you to receive. Be a good receiver. You are just as deserving as everyone else.

Do not compare yourself to others. You can never be another and another can never be you. There is only one you in the universe and you are that missing piece to the puzzle. There is no one that can ever be or love like you. Your love is special. Your love heals. Your love is the most special kind of love because it is unconditional. It is the love that releases all judgments and meets people on the most intimate level. Allow others to show you this love too. Do not close yourself off.

Continue to cultivate the light inside you. Do not let it dim to make others comfortable. Continue to break the habits of negative self-talk and replacing it with favorable self-assurance.  Do not lose sight of your passion because your passion leads you to your destiny. Working hard is your normal. Don’t forget to enjoy the achievements that have been afforded to you.  Acknowledge them and appreciate them. These are the foundation to where you are going. The life you always dreamed is happening for you. See it! Envision it! Know it! Believe in it!

The most important human relationship

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When ever I type my Dear Universe blogs I always set an intention. As I begin to type this blog I feel the desire to do the same. I set the intention for this to find you at the moment that you need to read it. I ask that I provide you a message that you need that assist you as you navigate your life path.

This journey of life sure does bring a lot of twist and turns. People come and go from your life. Some may just be passing through, others may stay for your whole life.  When you first meet someone you may not even realize how important a particular relationship will be in your life. It’s crazy how one beginning can lead to eye opening endings or major life changing event. Sometimes people get stuck in the idea of what happened in the past or what the future holds. When this happens we lose sight of where we are in the present. Other times we may find that we lost our identities by allowing the external factors/people we interact with to influence the way we feel, speak and see ourselves. For some this could be a parent. Others this person may be an intimate relationship or marriage.  The crazy reality is yes, these relationships are important but they are not the most important human relationship you will have in your life time. I am in no way implying that these relationships may not have significant impacts in your life. They definitely will. They will in some way make a mark on your life line. However, there is one relationship that really impacts everything you experience. The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself..

The relationship with yourself is one of the most important human relationships you will ever have. So talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. When I am working with people one of my favorite tasks to give them is to write a love letter. I ask them to write a love letter to themselves that includes all the things they want to hear from the person they love. Then I tell them to read it out loud so they can hear these words. There is power in hearing the words and saying them out loud. It allows a person to see that they already have all the things they want from another person inside of them. The letter just bring it to the surface. Opening their eyes to the love they are capable of giving themselves. It allows them to see they are capable of speaking love and kindness into their own existence.

It is important to remember the way you talk to yourself not only impacts your life they also impact the life of others. The words that come out of your mouth influence how others perceive you. They shape your world which is your reality. Once words leave the mind/mouth and are heard by yourself and others they can not be taken back. The words and the energy/intention behind them are then processed by the universe, your mind or another person. Words are powerful! The can heal and they can hurt. So I ask you how are you using your words? Are the words you are using enforcing an emotional reaction to control or manipulate a situation? Are they being used in a way that communicates your wants needs and desires accurately? Have you really thought about the why behind the words you use? It is hard to do that. It requires self-reflection. Your words are shaping the relationship you have with yourself and with others.

It is equally important for you to speak good into the lives of others. Yes! Speak good and want for healing and abundance in the lives of the people you hold dear, people you do not know and even people that have not had good intentions in your personal life. Why, would you want to speak good into the lives of others that have questionable intentions toward you? Well, remember everything is energy and energy is everything. We are all energetically connected. Therefore, ultimately we are the energy we put out and how we chose to use the energy we receive. I could go on and on about that but simply put wanting more for others could be that one shift that brings desirable outcomes in the lives of others. This does not mean if you speak good for others you will not deal with undesirable life events. You certainly will. We are all souls living a human experience. The human experience is filled with unexpected events both desirable and undesirable.

For now we are just going to focus on YOU, the person reading this blog. Start focusing on how you talk to yourself. I want you to repeat after me. I am abundant! I am strong! I am worthy! Now continue to repeat it as many times as it takes for you to believe it. It is important to be very aware of your words. The words that you use shape everything. They have power. The subconscious mind is programmable. It believes anything you tell it. It is imperative that you talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. You must talk and believe that you are valuable because you are. There is only one you in the whole entire universe and it is the most important relationship you will have with a human being this lifetime.

2021 I may not know where I am going but I am going somewhere.

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Picture yourself on a road. No idea what road you are on but it is definitely a road. This road consists of twists, turns, stops, traffic accidents, pot holes, road rage and many other things (that only scratches the surface of the road). All we know is that we are on a road and have no idea where it is going to take us. No one really tells you that on your trip there are so many miracles or beautiful sites to see. They always just mention what you should really watch out for along your journey. Realistically it keeps you kinda blinded. Never really able to enjoy the road trip for exactly what it is. An Adventure!

An adventure! Ha! Some would say 2020 took the word adventure to a new level. Yet, Here we are. The last day of 2020. If I was to tell you this was the best year of my life I would flat out be lying to you. 2020 was one of the hardest years of my life. One day I am sure I will write a tell all that will go into great detail of what i am talking about but not today. I would say that 2020 caused me to lose myself, but that also would be a lie. I had lost myself long before 2020 came along. It was not the hardest because I lost things like others. It was hard because I had to come to terms with myself. I had to come to terms with how I was choosing to create the world I was living in. My eyes were certainly opened to the fact that I was not loving myself and it had been a long time since I really had. Sometimes the hardest moments in our lives come when you are facing yourself in the mirror. I guess that it could be argued that through the chaos of 2020 finding myself was a blessing and therefore 2020 was a blessing in disguise.

Yes, 2020 was hard. For many 2020 was devastating. For me it has also been the year that has lead me to freedom. It has lead me to learn techniques and see myself in a new light. The light that has always been there and that I have always searched for through my sabotaging behaviors. Now to say that I still don’t get challenged and triggers would not be true. I definitely do. When you are on a road to self-discovery and living in the present all days will not be a piece of cake. Do I think that 2021 is going to be the best year of my life? IDK… What I do know is that 2020 gave me the tools, knowledge, motivation and awareness that I need to move forward with a positive and optimistic mindset.

Every New Years Eve I listen to people getting all their resolutions ready. Some people might decide to hit the gym. Others may decide to embark on a road to a new career. Yet some might just be hoping and praying that 2021 takes it a little easier on them. I on the other hand am throwing my hands up and continuing to take the big leap of faith. I am a true believer that everything I am experiencing and going through has a specific purpose. Even the things I would rather not deal with. Then again, I have never been a big resolution person. I have never been the person that starts things in the beginning of the year just because the year reset. I have always been the I will start something when I am ready to do it. As I type right now I can hear my spiritual team laughing at me not because it is funny. They are laughing because it is the absolute truth. I have always took the harder roads.

This year I am sticking to my guns. I will not make a resolution. I don’t have the want or desire to do it. One thing I have learned is that it is perfectly fine to not do things. Especially if you do not want to and they do not resonate with you. I do know what I am going to do. I am going into this new year with an open mind. I am choosing to embrace whatever 2021 throws at me knowing that I am fully capable of handling it with grace and ease. No resolutions for me!!! Not a one. I will however choose to continue to move forward with trusting my intuition. I will continue to leave behind the things that don’t serve my higher-self.

Maybe you, yes you reading this will find yourself in a very similar mindset. How about you? Are you making any resolutions? In reality I have no idea where I am going in 2021 but I know I am going somewhere.


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Dear Universe, Guardian Angles, Ascend Masters, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I come to you and ask for your guidance. I set the intention that the message I receive will be out of a place of love. I ask that the highest quality message be provide. So that it may reach the people that need to read it at the time they come across it. I ask the message provide wisdom and guidance. Leading others along their path. Providing them the tools they need to make the decisions required along their path to their most abundant life. Through you I know all is possible. My will, Thy will, Divine Will.

Question: Why is it so hard to speak my truth? Why when I speak my truth do I worry about how others are feeling or going to react.

There are people that have no issues speaking for what they feel or believe in. For you it is very hard. It is hard because some of your truths will be frowned upon by people that you once trusted and loved. You should not let that hinder you from speaking up. If you continue to not honor yourself you are teaching others to not honor you. You are not your past. The past is the lessons you have learned. Those lessons have assist you to this very moment on your path. What you really need to do is accept. Accept yourself and the decisions you have made during your life time. Especially because you can not go back and change them. You can only glance back at them. Thank yourself and the universe for the lessons that came with those decisions. Allow them to assist you as you continue to grow and move forward. Love yourself for them because look where they have led.

You worry about how others feel because that is what you have been taught. You have been taught and led to believe that you should always put others before yourself. In times when you have put yourself first you have been made to feel selfish. It is not selfish to be you. You are not the same as others. You feel what they feel even when you tell yourself you don’t. Your intentions are never to hurt others even though sometimes you will and you have. As much as you say that you are heartless you very much are the opposite. It is okay that you care about what others feel. Your heart is large and your love is strong. It is your biggest strength. Do not look at it as a weakness. Release the guilt you hold for being you. If you do not speak your truth at the expense of how others might feel then you are only making yourself a prisoner of that person. You have needs and desires just like the next person. Forgive yourself! Forgiveness is for you not for anyone else. Through forgiveness there is freedom. Do not be consumed by how others will react. Doing so gives them power over your life. This is your life to live not theirs.

In this life you are here to have the human experience. Do not lose sight of that. You are human. You will make mistakes. Your decisions will not always align with that of another. It is their decisions on how they allow actions of others to influence their life. It is only your responsibility to focus on how you respond in your own life. We want you to really think on this. Is it really that it is hard to speak your truth? What are you really worried about. We know you are worried about how others will perceive you. Our response to that is that is their burden to carry not yours. You are just making decisions in your own life the best way that you know how. We watch you and we see you. As long as you continue to set good intentions everything will work out in your favor.

It is so very import for you to remember how you speak to yourself. How you speak to yourself is how you allow others to speak to you. We know you are nervous about decisions you will have to make. Have faith and trust that these decisions will be for your highest good. One day you will look back and ask yourself why didn’t you do it sooner. Do not worry about the material things in the world. When you place value on the material things of the world you can not see the beauty in everything else around you. You will miss opportunities that are being placed right in front of you. Each moment in your life was created just for you. Never lose sight of that.

You have conditioned your mind to believe that things are much worse than they actually are. These thoughts are what actually hinder your forward movement. Your thoughts quickly become your reality. Sometimes your mind is going to play tricks on you. The mind has been influenced by so many things throughout your life time. Some of those things the mind knows are sabotaging behaviors due to your past traumas/actions. That is where you are now. You are so focused on the external factors (others) that you are failing to see what is really happening. You are failing to see how you are allowing these influences to take hold of you. Break the habit. Do not allow the thoughts of others to consume you. Do not allow the external influence your internal being. You are only harming yourself when you let that happen. The healing process is on going and never really over. You have the tools and knowledge to navigate the days with grace.

You were born to overcome. You were born to have success. You were born to lead others through your life. Your life is your story. Write the best story you can. Right now is where you start the next chapter. You must be very aware of the words you allow into your mind. Be kind to yourself. When you are kind to yourself you can be kind to others. When others are not kind to you still be kind to them. It costs you nothing. Let their actions be their actions. Their actions are not a reflection of you. They are a reflection of themselves. Remember and never forget your actions are the only actions you have any control over. Your actions also are the only actions that you have to answer for. Do not allow the judgement of others impact how you see yourself. Also do not judge others for having judgements. You do not know what they have endured on their path.

QUESTION: What is my life purpose? Do I have one?

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Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I first want to thank you for always answering my call. I see the signs you have been sending. Thank you for all that you do for me. I am forever grateful.  I ask that you provide a message of the highest quality. Please allow your message to be read by the people that need to read it at the exact moment they need to read it. Allow it to provide healing, purpose and guidance that will lead them to their life’s purpose.  My will, Thy will, Divine Will…


In order to find your life’s purpose you must first look at your life.  Look around you. Look at your situation. Look at where you have come from. You must look at you. You are the key to understanding your purpose. Inside you are all the keys to unlocking this purpose. The thing you really need to know right now is that you are exactly where you need to be. Everything that you have done, your family has done, people around you have done have lead you right to this moment. There are moments that you are not even aware of that have brought you right here. The short answer is YES you have a purpose.

Your purpose is to show people the light inside you. The light inside you is your direct line to source. You are the missing piece in the universe. You must accept that you will think differently compared to others. You are not meant to be like everyone else. You are meant to stand out from the crowd. You are meant to be a leader in your world. The key to moving forward is to change the way you use and understand energy. You must understand that your energy is key to where you go from this point forward. To do this you must release judgements that you impose of yourself. These judgements will only hold you back.

Understand that we know that you feel like so much is being thrown at you all at once, but the reality is this is the path you took. You wanted the harder path. Know the harder path will allow you to reach others that could have never been reached before. Remember the darkest moments of your life are the moments that you draw your strength from. Use them to cultivate your whole being. The whole being is the key to your purpose. You can be all things. You just have to believe it. You were destined for this. You are made by the creator and are the co-creator of your life.  Through co-creating your life you will help others find their paths and purposes.

Never doubt you have a purpose. You just can’t see the finish line. Be in the moment. Every person that you encounter has a potential message for you to learn. Make sure you are paying attention. Each person you meet deserves to be seen. See them, know they are there. There are some that will teach you lessons about things that don’t serve you. There are some that will teach you how to grow. There are others that will teach you about pain. What if the ones that teach you about pain are the ones that loved you the most but just couldn’t love themselves? Show everyone compassion, love and acceptance.  Forgive yourself when you feel that you are being judgmental. It just means you are seeing something in you that brings out emotion. Identify those emotions. Doing so will provide you the tools to navigate this world more freely. It will allow you to clear your mind and see things as they really are.

Sit with yourself. Write down every idea you have. Keep a dream journal. Also speak your truth. Don’t hold back your emotions because you are afraid of being vulnerable. Vulnerability is a strength. Continue to change your thinking patterns. You are headed in the right direction. Divine timing is everything. Things may not make a lot of sense right now, but you will see when the time is right. Do not give up hope. Do not let the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of others control you. Draw your power from source not people. Always come back to source. 

Do not be afraid. This is just the beginning. Remember one thing. Remember that your energy is everything.  Remember the universal laws. Your energy is what connects you to ALL creation. Just continue to believe. Continue to be you. The true authentic you. Let your light shine. Allow it to lead the way for others. You are the missing piece to the universe. Yes, you have a purpose. Your life is your purpose.