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When I was thinking about what this blog should be about this week I sat and stared at this blank screen wondering what needed to be discussed. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was over thinking it and I just needed to start typing remembering that the words and messages would come because they would be divinely guided. A lot of this starts like rambling. I never really know where a message leads when I begin. I just always hope that they bring guidance and inspiration to those that read them. With that said I want to start this blog like I have started the others.

Dear Universe, Guardian angels, ancestors and spirit guides, thank you very much for bring forth the answers and guidance that is needed for myself and others. I set the intention for this blog to find the people that need to receive it at the moment that they read it assisting them as they make decisions that impact their journey.

Dear Soul,

You can search high and low but until you look inside you there will always be a yearning for something more. Just like any transformation process some loss must be experienced in order to move forward. After the loss the transformation process takes place however the key is to not get distracted or caught up in what once was. During any transformation you cannot see the changes on the physical level because they are starting within however, overtime these changes become more recognizable not only to yourself but others. The universe will send opportunities that will assist in the development of where you are going. These opportunities are vital for the overall transformation to be successful. The opportunities will at times cause confusion and you may begin to question why you have done things, are doing or will doing things in an attempt to validated what purpose people places or things serve in your life. Over time you will begin to see through the illusion of what you thought was once good for you and begin to see that you cannot bring it forward with you.

A great example of this transformation process can be described through the life cycle of the butterfly. The life cycle of the butterfly starts as an egg and hatches in to a caterpillar. That caterpillar will feed on leaves for nourishment and future growth in preparation of the metamorphosis process in the chrysalis where the magical changes begin to happen allowing the caterpillar to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Did you know that if at any time if a butterfly was not to emerge out of the chrysalis on its own that the butterfly would not be able to fly because the action of breaking out of the chrysalis is part of the essential process that triggers the process of the hardening of their wings, which is essential for them to be able to fly. Their wings are delicate and without the process happening in the exact way they can be damaged hindering the life cycle process. The butterfly does not try to rush the process or even know why it is happening. It allows the cycle to happen just as it should trusting in the process.

This is just an example of what you are experiencing. The universe is surrounding you with opportunity to go inward, observe, learn, creating experiences unlike before allowing for your metamorphosis to happen. Imagine your body is the chrysalis and your soul is inside. When the universe is providing you time alone or is removing things out of your life think of it as the universe asking you to allow a process to happen. When people are being removed from your life and others are being brought in, the universe is providing you an opportunity to expand your awareness of yourself and others. Each place you go, person or thing you interact with are part of your process that will allow you to bring new insight with you along the way. Without the process there can be no change and things will continue to be played over and over again until you actually surrender to the processes of growing your soul. Do not try to rush the process and do not worry about what it will look like on the other side. Trust that by accepting where you are and allowing yourself to experience the magic the transformation process is a beautiful thing. The one thing you must understand is that everything will make sense at just the right time. You can’t see everything because the universe wants to wow you with its magic. So for now enjoy your journey and allow the transformation to take place.

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