How do you trust yourself when things make no sense?

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Dear Universe, guardian angels, ancestors and spirit guides, I first would like to say thank you for all the guidance you bring to the surface. I set the intention that this blog find the people that need to hear it at the moment they need it to assist them as they make decisions along their journey. I know through you all is possible.

Right now is a time of unknown, do not let it cause worry.  Worry will not change the outcome. Instead allow yourself to look at it with excitement. What if this time of confusion is meant for you to see who others are on their deepest levels, which in return allows you to understand what you value and who you are on the deepest levels? Right before there is peace life can be in extreme chaos. Many have lived their whole lives in survival mode. You are being asked to live now, not just survive. Allow the beauty and excitement of life to lead you. There is so much to experience with new opportunities around every corner.  Are you willing to see and accept them is the question or are you limiting yourself?

You have to allow your heart to lead your mind. The mind is trained to use fear as a tactic to keep you safe when in fact it is limiting you from truly experiencing life in its fullest. When you experience fear allow yourself to feel it but still walk with confidence through it knowing that you are fully supported in all decisions that you are making. You are meant to forge your own path and do things differently than others. Never doubt that.

If you tried at love and feel like it failed do not give up, pick yourself up and try again. You are just being shown the path to what is right for you. You are experiencing growing pains. Growing pains are the equivalent of a teenager experiencing a surge of hormones and body changes that allow them to evolve into an adult.  These pains are confusing because they are uncomfortable. No one likes being uncomfortable but it is required to fully experience growth.  It is part of the healing and transformation process. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the difficulties of the process but search for the magic that is happening all around you. This will allow you to be present. There will come a time when you look back at this moment with extreme gratitude.

It is time to bring balance and harmony into your life. It is time to fully release the lack mindset and adapt the growth mindset.  Where are you selling yourself short? Are you accepting situations that limit you or are you limiting yourself. Are your boundaries healthy or so strict that they do not allow for the goodness to break through? Remember you are not a victim of your circumstance unless you allow it.  Pay attention to where you are putting your energy is it really serving your highest good or distracting you from doing what you were meant to do? Where ever you put your energy and belief into is what you are going to create. Stop spending your time trying to control things and start investing your time in growing things. Remember your life is a garden and you are the most beautiful flower that will grow in your garden.  Do not poison your soil by allowing thoughts and beliefs that are not good for you to control how you grow.   Do you not believe that it is time to create the life you always desired? It is time to ask yourself these questions are you telling yourself you can’t, it won’t, and it’s too hard? If so it is time to change the dialog.

You know what you want and why you want it. You do not have to be scared anymore it is okay to trust yourself. You have gotten yourself through your hardest days. Show up for yourself now and allow the universe to surprise you with blessings when the time is right.  You do not even realize it but you have already manifested everything you want. You are in the time of the transformation before receiving it. It is already on its way to you. Surrender, release the fear, and follow your heart! You are more than you give yourself credit for.  

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