What are you manifesting? A time to turn inward!

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I set the intention for this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that this message come from a place of truth and compassion. Let it be of the highest quality and assist those reading it in making mindful decisions. All those decisions have a positive impact in their life. My will, thy will, divine will. I know that through you all is possible. I come to you with a grateful and thankful heart.

What are you manifesting? A time to look inward!

Most people do not even realize what is happening around them is a reflection of what is going on in their mind. A few examples of how it may manifest are: a projection of a learned behavior onto another, addiction, or co-dependency… Two main questions I get asked when I do readings and live events are: ” Why am I attracting a particular type of situation?” “Will I ever find someone that really loves me”?

My response is normally the same? The answers are: The only way you will ever attract a different situation is when you start to approach things inside you differently. Yes, you can definitely find someone that will love you but not until you truly love yourself. If you are finding that your love life is producing relationships that are not full of love and respect ask yourself this important question. Do I love and respect myself? Can you really answer that question with a yes? Are you allowing yourself to entertain a relationship where respect and love are not given? If you answer no then you have to ask yourself “what is keeping from loving and respecting myself”?

When I am talking, coaching and giving guidance from spirit the message I often find being delivered is to pay attention to the dialog you have with yourself on a daily basis. How you talk and interact with yourself is what you are going to attract. When you start to change the interaction within you will begin to see that the situations you find yourself it begin to change also. You also tell the universe what you are willing and ready to accept by clearing out old actions and replacing them with new. Keep in mind this can be both good and bad. Really pay close attention to the why you are doing things. Intention is everything. The saying you get what you give is a real thing. Most people refer to it as karma.

There are points in our lives where we are asked to go inward and reflect. During these time of reflection you may begin to look at yourself and how your actions impacted a situation. Do not get lost and internalize guilt for times your actions may have inflicted pain on someone. Allow your guilt to propel you forward and motivate positive change in your behaviors. Internalizing it will only inhibit you from forward movement. When you hold on to guilt it keeps you reliving the past and you project it out only to relive it over and over.

You definitely must acknowledge it. When you reflecting on these moments pay attention to the role you played. Why did you play that role? Were you the victim? Were you the manipulator, instigator or reactor? Were you trying to gain something from the situation? What were you trying to accomplish during that time and how could you have approached the situation differently if it presented itself again in the future? Use it as an opportunity to learn a lesson so you are not asked to repeat the pattern again. There is freedom in that process.

I recently read a book that discussed how a person manifests things both good and bad into their life over and over again until they abandon an old way of thinking and adopt a new perspective. In the book Dancing with the Universe the author specifically discusses her fear of abandonment. While reading it I had my own epiphany.

Your fear of abandonment will manifest and lurk in ever corner of every intimate relationship until you abandon it!

Dianne Rosena Jones

I took what she said and interpreted it even further. The thought immediately came to my mind that if you can manifest your fear into relationship you can manifest your fear into every part of your life. Which means that what you fear will continue to show up in your life.

For this to change a person must do a couple things:

  • Identify the fear and the source
  • Address it
  • Release it
  • Reprogram the belief

Easier said than done I know. This requires a person to really do some soul searching. The only way to do that is to turn the attention inward. Turning inward is a very hard task. It requires one to be honest with themselves. Sometimes being honest with yourself is the hardest thing to do because it requires one to be vulnerable and open. Open to having to relive traumas and ideas that may have been carried for most of a lifetime or in some cases longer. To be honest one of the hardest concepts I have come to grips with is people form their identities based off the traumas they have lived. An example of this I have used in my lifetime is I am worthless because I do not live up to the belief and standards that I have set for myself or have allowed to be influenced by others. The fact is I that belief is far from the truth. It only becomes valid if I place value on it. You have to ask yourself hard questions. Why do you give it value? What is it really triggering? Is this something that I believe or is it a belief I can let go of? If you find you can not let go of it then you must go deeper. You must ask yourself what is prohibiting you from releasing it? It will continue to manifest in your life until you fully release it. That is the answer to the question why am I finding myself in the same situation over and over again.

What are you holding on to? Look at the patterns that are happening in your life you will find that they are a product of something you are holding on to. This can be both good and bad. If the pattern is something that creates positivity and allows you to continue to grow then it is something to keep and cultivate. If it is something that is keeping you from growth and forward movement it is time to turn inward for answers. Identify, accept, release and reprogram.

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