Dear Universe: I am only finding confusion

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Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I set the intention for this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that this message come from a place of truth and compassion. Let it be of the highest quality and assist those reading it in making mindful decisions. All those decisions have a positive impact in their life. My will, thy will, divine will. I know that through you all is possible. I come to you with a grateful and thankful heart.

In my search for answers I am only finding more confusion

The search for answers is only a distraction. It is keeping you from committing and completing your work.  How much time have you really wasted on a subject only to feel like it brought more questions than answers? Your need to question it is in fact giving you the answer that you need. It means that it is not for you.  If it is only causing you confusion it is meant for you.  You are not meant to fit into a box. You are unique. You are supposed to see things differently. Stop trying to fit yourself into something you are not. You are not going to find definite answers in a report or concept of another. Remember that reports and concepts are just general blueprints that are to help guide you as you move forward. They are also left to a lot of interpretation.   To get the true answers that you need there is only one way to do so. You must look inward. You must search your soul. ALL the answers you seek are inside of you and will be shown in divine timing. You are not meant to find out who you are in a report or concept of another. You are meant to discover that on your own. Reports are tools just like the mind. They allow you to understand the possible why something may potentially happen. That does not set it in stone. You can utilize the tools to overcome challenges you will face. You can use them to assist you as you turn inward with questions. Through self-discovery, mediation and creativity you will find all the answers you need. Take a deep breath, do not try to force yourself into understand something that you do not have the full picture of yet.

Things are not meant to always be black and white. You are looking for answers where there is supposed to be mystery. Knowing takes the joy out of your journey. There is so much more to this world that is still to be discovered.  Explore this world with childlike excitement. Allow yourself to see it with new eyes. Get in touch with your inner child and allow your creativity to flow out of you. This will bring knowledge and new inspiration to the surface. It is OK to be curious and want to know about everything. You have been trained to believe that knowledge is power. Knowledge will give you the ability to see things from different view points. In the end you will be able to identify what is for you and what is not. When you are unsure ask for a sign and it will be delivered. Trust and have faith that the universe will support you as you continue to allow your authentic self to be seen. As you continue to trust and align the universe will continue to show up.  Open your heart and allow it to lead you. As you learn your lessons and find new ideas share them with others. Teach them and assist them as they embark on their journey.

Right now you are not supposed to know everything. There are magical things happening around you. I ask you has the search kept you from seeing all the good that is right in front of you. Has it kept you from really discovering parts of you? It is not the job of another to tell you who or what you are supposed to be doing. Part of your path is for you to discover that yourself and really believe that the universe supports you. There is only one true way for self-discovery and that is to start asking yourself the hard questions. Stop procrastinating hoping that you will stumble upon an answer. Stop wasting your time trying to find validation in the words and concepts of others. Ask yourself: Why do you do the things you do. Is it because someone else told you that is how it should be? You have to do more, be more, or give more? Is what you are doing really making you happy and feeling fulfilled? What do you really value and what excites you?  Sure some guidance or reports may give you a stepping stone on where you can look, but in reality the true answers that you are looking for are inside you. You just need to dig deep to uncover them. Take a deep breath and be patient with yourself there is a lot to dig through.

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