Dear Universe: Change is hard, thanks for the little wins

Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I set the intention for this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that this message come from a place of truth and compassion. Let it be of the highest quality and assist those reading it in making mindful decisions. All those decisions have a positive impact in their life. My will, thy will, divine will. I know that through you all is possible. I come to you with a grateful and thankful heart.

Change is hard! Making decisions are hard. Thank you for the little wins

Every time you feel a little lost or begin to feel like you lost your way does everything suddenly seem to align? Can you see the light through darkness? What I mean by darkness is the darkness of the mind. The old thought patterns that somehow begin to find their way to the surface. You know the thoughts that keep you in a place of fear. The ones that want you to resist change that is happening. Better yet the thoughts that keep you from seeing all the good that is around you. I am talking about the thoughts that want to suck you back into thinking that you are not worthy, things will not get better, or you are not good enough.

I am here to tell you that you are good enough. I know you may not be able to see it right now but you must stop resisting change. You must stop trying to control the outcomes. Resisting will only bring more obstacles.  It is time for you to believe and trust that the changes are happening for your highest good. Speak the positivity into your life. The more you do it the easier it gets.

 There will constantly be times when moments of doubt will surface. Continue to practice replacing those doubts with thoughts that serve you. Believing that you have all the tools you need to move forward in such a way that aligns for outcomes that are favorable for all. Soon you will see that those moments of doubt will not come as often. I know that there have been times where those moments would last what felt like lifetimes. The key is to be consistent and persistent. Remember, you are a soul having a human experience. Part of that human experience is feeling all emotions to include doubt. In those times feel it, identify the trigger and release it. Use that energy in a positive way. Allow yourself to make adjustments and see what you can do in the now to assist with whatever you are faced with. Sometimes the thing you can do is to detach from the outcome. Releasing the worry. Worry is a wasted emotion that takes your energy pulling you away from opportunities that are being presented to you now.

Be grateful for the little wins. The little wins bring hope. Little wins light your path. They provide clarification that the work you are doing is not in vain. I know it is easier said than done.  Embrace the changes you are faced with.

Everything is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same. People change, places change, time changes, values and beliefs change. If one thing stays the same it is that change is constant. Without change there would be no experience or growth. I understand that. That does not make it any easier. Change is hard. Especially when it seems to hit you all at one time.

How do you embrace that change when it seem to be one event after another? Here are a few ways that you can embrace change:

  • Go with the flow
  • Stay true to your faith
  • Trust that things are happening for your highest good
  • Believe that things are happening for you not to you
  • Find the good in the situation
  • It’s all perspective
  • Find a way to get excited about the unknown
  • Know that through change there is new beginnings
  • Put good energy into things you find joy in
  • Acceptance (accept that the change is happening)
  • Consider it a new adventure in the story of your life

The list goes on and on.  Change is clearing out things that are keeping energy from evolving. Let’s get rolling with the punches. Let’s start making decisions, taking the leap into the unknown and allow the universe to lead the way. Knowing that ultimately we only have control over how we react to the changes that are happening. Throwing all caution to the wind and welcome roller coaster of life, knowing that there will be good in every day allowing us to open our eyes to those moments.  

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