Dear Universe: The best investment

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Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I set the intention for this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that this message come from a place of truth and compassion. Let it be of the highest quality and assist those reading it in making mindful decisions. All those decisions have a positive impact in their life. My will, thy will, divine will. I know that through you all is possible. I come to you with a grateful and thankful heart.

I want to make an investment that will serve my highest good. What do I need to do?

Dear soul,

The number one investment that you can ever make when it comes to your highest good is to invest in yourself at the present moment. Yes there will be times that you need to glance into the future or look to the past. However, in this very moment that most important investment is to invest into yourself and the feeding your soul. This investment is going to have the upmost impact on your future.

Cultivating your soul will lead you to remember what you value the most. It will reopen a flood gates of memories leading you back to your purpose in this life time.  The purpose of finding love. (Love of yourself, love of others, love for life) Finding love in being. Put positive energy into yourself and your passion. As you do so you will discover new things about you, your passions, people and the world around you.

It is now time to let your heart lead you. Your heart is leading you where you need to go. The need to control and follow logic is what you have been conditioned to do in the past. You are not meant to be the past version of you. Trust your heart. Trust your intuition. The brain has a way of wanting to make the simplest answers difficult. The brain is a tool that in the past you have allow to control and make sense of things to give them meaning or purpose. It doesn’t have to be so hard. The answer that you are looking for is so simple. Love! Love is the answer. Invest in loving yourself. Invest in the things that bring love in your life. Invest in the things that bring the joy back to your journey. By doing so you will continue to see that even when faced with difficult times you will find they will pass quicker.

Everyday set good intentions. Choose to live from a place of gratitude and love. This is to include the things that you do not enjoy. This things you do not find joy in are teaching great lessons that are going to assist you as you encounter others on their journey. When you feel like you cannot handle some things do not be afraid to ask for help. Remember you are a soul having a human experience. Part of that human experience will require the help of others. It does not make you any less than.

For now just slow down. Take a deep breath. Allow the seeds that you have already planted to begin to sprout. Remember slow and steady progression is the best kind of progression. Do not rush it.

Over all do not forget invest in you. You are the best investment you will ever make.

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