Dear Universe, Am I making it all up?

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I set the intention that this blog provide guidance, healing and inspiration to those that read it. I ask that it assist them in making mindful decisions that may impact their life path. My will, Thy will, Divine will. Thank you for all you do.I know that through you all is possible.

Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I come to you for guidance. I ask that you assist me in providing guidance for myself and the people that read this. I ask that it be a message of the highest quality and assist them as they make decisions on their life journey.

How do I stand up for what I believe and feel is true? How do I know I am not making it all up?

Dear soul, the healing process is a continuous thing. Even the most positive people have days where thoughts can lead them astray. Know that it is very important to be mindful with where you allow your thoughts to take you. Your thoughts will quickly manifest into the environment around you. It is imperative that you remember that your mind is a tool. You are not your mind. Over time using the mind as a tool will become easier.  Do not lose hope. Know that you are exactly where you need to be right now. You are learning and mastering the lessons that you came to this earth to learn. Through learning your lessons you will find that you will lead others to learn their lessons too. You must learn to crawl, walk then run. Right now you are growing. Take a moment and see how things are starting to sprout around you. Do not get lost in the big picture.

Know that your intuition and higher self is leading you exactly where you need to be. Your angels want you to stay present. Pay attention to the now. You need to be an observer. Watch people and observe their energy. It will tell you everything you need to know . Look at their eyes let them connect to you. There is power in that connection. Allow them to see your light. That is how you stand up for what you believe in. Letting your light shine will get you further than you can ever imagine. Just be you! The true authentic you! That soul is beautiful.

Do not be afraid to love. Your heart and love is powerful. You were meant to love with all your heart. It is your strength. It does not make you weak. Do not hold back any longer.  You have the strength to love people on levels they have never felt before. You have the ability to love yourself at a level that you have never felt before. Give yourself the love that you give other people. It will allow your light to shine even brighter. Do not feel guilty or shameful when you have to do things for yourself. If you do not care for yourself. Caring for others will become difficult. It will cause you to become burnt out. Remember leading, healing and caring for others is what you are meant to do. Do not lose the joy in it.  Burnout will decrease the joy. It is necessary to take the time outs.

Continue to set our intentions out of a place of love. The intention will never lead you astray. Also remember what is yours will always find you. Keep your faith. Stand firm in your faith. Remember faith is learned one step at a time. There are many things that you do not see but you will. Some of these things you will face will be difficult. You have the strength to do all you need to do. When you seek answers return to the breath. The breath is life. Through the stillness of meditation you will find all the answers you need will be presented to you.

You are healing others. Remember that there are some that only see the bad broken parts of the world. You will help them see that there is good that is worth saving. All of it starts by nourishing your internal world. You have a deep knowing and there will be many confirmations that will and have been sent your way. Do not waste your time worrying if you are making it up. Remember that you just have to have faith in where you are being lead. There is a reason and purpose for it all. You will see your part soon enough. Trust in divine timing. Right now focus on keeping yourself in the higher vibrations as much as possible. Continue to work on the things that you can and surrender control of the things you can’t to your spiritual team and the universe.

Forgive yourself when you start to doubt.  Forgive yourself when you feel like you are falling short. You are human just like everyone else on this planet. You are not expected to be perfect. You have been working hard. It does not go unnoticed. Release doubt. Do not hold on to your doubt any longer.

Be grateful for the relationships you have built. Be grateful for the relationships that are falling away. Everyone you interact with is an opportunity to learn and grow for not only them but for you.  Believe that you are everything you dream to be and then some. You are strong. You are loved. You are confident. You are supported! Just breath and trust that the universe has your back always.

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  1. Such a wonderfully reassuring message. We are just making things up as we go along – there’s no easily accessible definitive proof. It’s nice to think that through positivity we might be able to change just one person, and that would be enough. Having just started my blog, I had hoped somewhat naively that it might have reached soaring heights, but it’s nice just to see anyone pay attention to what I write. Thanks for sharing!

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