Control not the answer

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One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to release the need to control the journey. The knowing of where my path ends but not knowing the who, what, when, where or how I am going to get there. I know I am not alone in this. In the past I would envision things I want to happen or set expectations on how it is supposed to happen. Only to find I had set myself up for disappointment and missed opportunities. The more I would try to control one of the 5 w’s the more difficult the process would become. It would be the equivalent of herding cats. Nothing goes as planned and more chaos is created. As I type this I hear you cannot control the Universe. It is so true.

Sometimes we can get so focused on where we want to go that we lose where we are now. Where we are now is the most important place to be. This is where we are building foundations, planting our seeds and learning the lessons we came here to learn. This has to happen so when we get to the final destination we can be in a place to receive it fully. Trying to control the path is in a sense cheating yourself. When you try to control it you are telling the Universe that your way is the best way. Meaning that where you are right now is exactly where you want to stay. The Universe doesn’t consider stagnancy an option. You really only have two options. Either you grow or you regress. Which one is it going to be?

If you chose to grow you cant expect it to happen overnight. My advice to you would be to release all expectation on how you think things will happen. Definitely do not put a time frame on it. Growing takes time. Just like if you were to plant a garden there is work that must be done before you see the harvest. You have to till the soil, plant the seeds, water, weed and feed. The same applies for your soul growth. It is not like one day you wake up and you do not have to deal with your daily life. In fact it is quite the opposite. Your daily life is your school for your soul growth. The decisions you make daily in your life is leading you towards the reason you were brought to this wonderful planet. If you chose to not grow and surrender you will find that the outcome is never easy. Remember that everything is energy and energy is always changing. The universe is going to continue to put things in your path that will require you to make decisions. How you chose to interpret them will be totally up to you. Free will is a tricky thing. Everyone has a breaking point. What I mean is that eventually everyone has a moment that brings them to the realization that they have no control over the things around them. The only thing they can ever control is how to they react to the things that are being sent their way.

Some days are harder than others. Some decisions you will make will impact your life and the lives of others. Everything will not always be easy. Walking a spiritual path or even being a spiritual being is hard. It allows you to see things others cannot. You feel the emotion and energy of others at times. Sometimes you may not even know if the emotions you are experiencing are your emotions or the emotions of others. Do not allow times like this overwhelm you or cause you to throw in the towel. When you are feeling overwhelmed or it is too hard. Remember you do not have to do it alone. The answer is definitely not to try to control it. The answer is to surrender. Surrender you desire out to the universe, come back to self through meditation and listen for guidance. Once you surrender you will begin to see the signs that you are in alignment. This can be through the words of people you are interacting with. It can be through repetitive numbers often referred to as angel numbers. It could be through the lyrics of music or even pictures. You just have to come back to self, release control and surrender to the will of the universe.

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