Release the Fear

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One day you are high on cloud nine. Everything seems to be going your way. You know and can see that everything is working in your favor and you are co-creating the life that you are destined for.  Then suddenly life throws you a curve ball. You had a plan and the universe decided that nope you still have lessons to learn. You know where you are going but just not the how. The not knowing can be a scary thing. There is a reason for it all. There is a reason everything cannot always go how you plan them. The universe is trying to show you a new path or lead you in a way that will cultivate your growth. I am told to tell you to release the fear. Take the leap. Take your fear and turn it into motivation. Don’t allow it to be a reason for you to stay where you are.  

When you start allowing the not knowing the how or why you begin to live out of fear. You start to question yourself and wonder if you were even actually doing the work. Shoot you may even begin to think that you were the one that was causing all the trauma and the toxic one the whole time.  What if I told you that is just your fear speaking to you? The fear of going backwards. The fear of change. The fear of rejection. The fear of moving forward and making the decisions for your higher good. The list of fears can go on forever. In some this may be a fear that if you leave a situation that you may lose that person forever. My response to you would be what if you find yourself in the process. What if you find that you never really lose anything that is meant for you? That at the time it is in your life it was something you needed. By letting it go you will find that new opportunities for growth will come your way. That through one loss you are rewarded with something else.

Fear is one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to making life changing decisions. Some fear the loss of a person. Others fear being alone. The fear of not being good enough. There are people that have built lives based on status and material things(money) due to the fear of poverty. The fear of being perceived as a failure. The fear of ___________ (you name it) it exists in someone’s world.

You must ask yourself “what am I really scared of”? Why am I holding on so tight to something that continues to bring be back to the same answer? “Let go! Move on! If it is meant for you it will find you”. It is hard to remember what yours is already yours and no one can ever really take it from you. Unless you allow it. It is your choice. What are you going to do? Are you going to continue to allow fear to run your life, or are you going to take that fear and use it to propel you forward?

There is only one thing blocking you from having the life you desire. Look in the mirror all the answers you need are within the person staring back at you. Stop letting the fear of the unknown be why you don’t do something. Don’t sell yourself short. You are worthy and deserving of everything you dream of. You must put in some work. Release the fear! Let it go. Use that fear as a force that influences you to make decision that are for your highest good.

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