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I have struggled for the past couple days trying to figure out what I am going to write my next blog about. I have wrote down a plethora of different ideas. Started to write a ton of topic sentences all to draw a blank and delete. I have sat here looking at a blank screen for days. I set the intention for this blog to find the people that need to read it at the time that is meant for them. Let it bring insight and guidance as they make decisions on their life path. My will, thy will, divine will.

Suddenly as I sit hear listening to some calming music the idea pops into my head that I had already wrote my next blog. I had to start with what I believe. What a great way to start the year off. Start it off reaffirming what you value and believe. I actually wrote this back in December but never posted it. I am now being told the time is now.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the key to connecting to source. I believe that everything is energetically connected. We are all part of this great universe and the universe is part of us. I believe that we should treat others with respect and kindness.  Compassion, acceptance and living out of a place on non-judgement is the key to maintain a frequency that aligns with the frequency of the universe.  Always receive your energy from source by aligning with the higher frequencies. This allows you to use your energy in such ways that benefit all that you encounter.

All souls have a divine purpose and their life is their purpose. I whole heartily believe that love is the key to the return of humanity. That the return starts with each individual being. Forgiveness is never for the receiver but for the person forgiving. Forgiving yourself for past judgements, actions, and sabotaging behaviors is the key to releasing blockages. This allows each person to receive and lived their abundant life in the now.  Self-reflection allows for the identification and clearing of all blockages. This is on both the physical and non-physical level. It is key to remember that we are not the decisions of others. We are only the decision that we make. Our actions are the only actions that we can control in our life time. Every action, every decision is your energy used to shape your life. It is important to use your energy in the most positive ways to ensure the universe can deliver the life you are destined to live.

Through the nurturing of children to include your inner child there is healing. Healing yourself will naturally help heal those around you. The world as you know it will start to change drastically.  Showing yourself compassion allows for you to show compassion for others. Loving yourself allows you to love others.  Release all fears, judgements and guilt associated with the past. The past is no longer. The future has not yet arrived. There is only right now this present moment so how present do you want to be?

Speak your truth. Be mindful with your thoughts and words. Your thoughts quickly become your reality. Your words will not only influence your life but the life of others. Still honor your truth. This must be done in such a way that you honor yourself and your emotions. Your truth and desires may not always align with others. That is to be expected. Everyone is on their own path. However, it is important to remember that they also have a truth. It is not your place to judge. It is your place to accept they are just on a different path and have not yet learned or understand yet. Show them they are still worthy of love and see them for who they are. People deserve to be loved for just existing.

Do not be afraid of releasing things that no longer serve you. Sometimes things just are not meant for you any longer. Trust that what is yours will always return to you. Believe and have faith. Those that love you will find you. It is your job to be grateful for what you have now so when you receive your destiny you will understand the true value of how you got there. The present moments are the key to unveiling that destiny. So be present. Tell those you love you love them. Make it known that you are there even if they can’t hear you.

Opportunities will arise. Take every opportunity. Every person you encounter will have a purpose. There is a lesson to learn or a message to receive from everyone. Be open to those lessons. Allow them to guide you forward on your journey. Do not live out a place of fear. Fear will hold you back from achieving everything you desire. Live fearlessly!

Life will not always be easy. That is because there are lessons to be learned. In those times do not act in haste. Let the chaos subside and come at it with a clear mind. Sit with yourself and listen to your inner voice. It will never lead you astray.  The hard lessons in life are the ones where you gain the most wisdom. Your darkest moments will be the moments that inspire others.

Rest and self-care are key to regaining energy. Make sure that you take care of yourself. You are worthy or rest. You are worthy to be cared for. Make yourself a priority. When you make yourself a priority you are telling others that you are deserving.

You cannot always be the giver. You deserve to receive too.  In the past you have always gave everything to others. You have always accepted less in return. Those days are no longer. Continue to give with no expectations. This will allow you to receive. Be a good receiver. You are just as deserving as everyone else.

Do not compare yourself to others. You can never be another and another can never be you. There is only one you in the universe and you are that missing piece to the puzzle. There is no one that can ever be or love like you. Your love is special. Your love heals. Your love is the most special kind of love because it is unconditional. It is the love that releases all judgments and meets people on the most intimate level. Allow others to show you this love too. Do not close yourself off.

Continue to cultivate the light inside you. Do not let it dim to make others comfortable. Continue to break the habits of negative self-talk and replacing it with favorable self-assurance.  Do not lose sight of your passion because your passion leads you to your destiny. Working hard is your normal. Don’t forget to enjoy the achievements that have been afforded to you.  Acknowledge them and appreciate them. These are the foundation to where you are going. The life you always dreamed is happening for you. See it! Envision it! Know it! Believe in it!

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