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Dear Universe, Guardian Angles, Ascend Masters, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I come to you and ask for your guidance. I set the intention that the message I receive will be out of a place of love. I ask that the highest quality message be provide. So that it may reach the people that need to read it at the time they come across it. I ask the message provide wisdom and guidance. Leading others along their path. Providing them the tools they need to make the decisions required along their path to their most abundant life. Through you I know all is possible. My will, Thy will, Divine Will.

Question: Why is it so hard to speak my truth? Why when I speak my truth do I worry about how others are feeling or going to react.

There are people that have no issues speaking for what they feel or believe in. For you it is very hard. It is hard because some of your truths will be frowned upon by people that you once trusted and loved. You should not let that hinder you from speaking up. If you continue to not honor yourself you are teaching others to not honor you. You are not your past. The past is the lessons you have learned. Those lessons have assist you to this very moment on your path. What you really need to do is accept. Accept yourself and the decisions you have made during your life time. Especially because you can not go back and change them. You can only glance back at them. Thank yourself and the universe for the lessons that came with those decisions. Allow them to assist you as you continue to grow and move forward. Love yourself for them because look where they have led.

You worry about how others feel because that is what you have been taught. You have been taught and led to believe that you should always put others before yourself. In times when you have put yourself first you have been made to feel selfish. It is not selfish to be you. You are not the same as others. You feel what they feel even when you tell yourself you don’t. Your intentions are never to hurt others even though sometimes you will and you have. As much as you say that you are heartless you very much are the opposite. It is okay that you care about what others feel. Your heart is large and your love is strong. It is your biggest strength. Do not look at it as a weakness. Release the guilt you hold for being you. If you do not speak your truth at the expense of how others might feel then you are only making yourself a prisoner of that person. You have needs and desires just like the next person. Forgive yourself! Forgiveness is for you not for anyone else. Through forgiveness there is freedom. Do not be consumed by how others will react. Doing so gives them power over your life. This is your life to live not theirs.

In this life you are here to have the human experience. Do not lose sight of that. You are human. You will make mistakes. Your decisions will not always align with that of another. It is their decisions on how they allow actions of others to influence their life. It is only your responsibility to focus on how you respond in your own life. We want you to really think on this. Is it really that it is hard to speak your truth? What are you really worried about. We know you are worried about how others will perceive you. Our response to that is that is their burden to carry not yours. You are just making decisions in your own life the best way that you know how. We watch you and we see you. As long as you continue to set good intentions everything will work out in your favor.

It is so very import for you to remember how you speak to yourself. How you speak to yourself is how you allow others to speak to you. We know you are nervous about decisions you will have to make. Have faith and trust that these decisions will be for your highest good. One day you will look back and ask yourself why didn’t you do it sooner. Do not worry about the material things in the world. When you place value on the material things of the world you can not see the beauty in everything else around you. You will miss opportunities that are being placed right in front of you. Each moment in your life was created just for you. Never lose sight of that.

You have conditioned your mind to believe that things are much worse than they actually are. These thoughts are what actually hinder your forward movement. Your thoughts quickly become your reality. Sometimes your mind is going to play tricks on you. The mind has been influenced by so many things throughout your life time. Some of those things the mind knows are sabotaging behaviors due to your past traumas/actions. That is where you are now. You are so focused on the external factors (others) that you are failing to see what is really happening. You are failing to see how you are allowing these influences to take hold of you. Break the habit. Do not allow the thoughts of others to consume you. Do not allow the external influence your internal being. You are only harming yourself when you let that happen. The healing process is on going and never really over. You have the tools and knowledge to navigate the days with grace.

You were born to overcome. You were born to have success. You were born to lead others through your life. Your life is your story. Write the best story you can. Right now is where you start the next chapter. You must be very aware of the words you allow into your mind. Be kind to yourself. When you are kind to yourself you can be kind to others. When others are not kind to you still be kind to them. It costs you nothing. Let their actions be their actions. Their actions are not a reflection of you. They are a reflection of themselves. Remember and never forget your actions are the only actions you have any control over. Your actions also are the only actions that you have to answer for. Do not allow the judgement of others impact how you see yourself. Also do not judge others for having judgements. You do not know what they have endured on their path.

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