QUESTION: What is my life purpose? Do I have one?

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Dear Universe, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides,

I first want to thank you for always answering my call. I see the signs you have been sending. Thank you for all that you do for me. I am forever grateful.  I ask that you provide a message of the highest quality. Please allow your message to be read by the people that need to read it at the exact moment they need to read it. Allow it to provide healing, purpose and guidance that will lead them to their life’s purpose.  My will, Thy will, Divine Will…


In order to find your life’s purpose you must first look at your life.  Look around you. Look at your situation. Look at where you have come from. You must look at you. You are the key to understanding your purpose. Inside you are all the keys to unlocking this purpose. The thing you really need to know right now is that you are exactly where you need to be. Everything that you have done, your family has done, people around you have done have lead you right to this moment. There are moments that you are not even aware of that have brought you right here. The short answer is YES you have a purpose.

Your purpose is to show people the light inside you. The light inside you is your direct line to source. You are the missing piece in the universe. You must accept that you will think differently compared to others. You are not meant to be like everyone else. You are meant to stand out from the crowd. You are meant to be a leader in your world. The key to moving forward is to change the way you use and understand energy. You must understand that your energy is key to where you go from this point forward. To do this you must release judgements that you impose of yourself. These judgements will only hold you back.

Understand that we know that you feel like so much is being thrown at you all at once, but the reality is this is the path you took. You wanted the harder path. Know the harder path will allow you to reach others that could have never been reached before. Remember the darkest moments of your life are the moments that you draw your strength from. Use them to cultivate your whole being. The whole being is the key to your purpose. You can be all things. You just have to believe it. You were destined for this. You are made by the creator and are the co-creator of your life.  Through co-creating your life you will help others find their paths and purposes.

Never doubt you have a purpose. You just can’t see the finish line. Be in the moment. Every person that you encounter has a potential message for you to learn. Make sure you are paying attention. Each person you meet deserves to be seen. See them, know they are there. There are some that will teach you lessons about things that don’t serve you. There are some that will teach you how to grow. There are others that will teach you about pain. What if the ones that teach you about pain are the ones that loved you the most but just couldn’t love themselves? Show everyone compassion, love and acceptance.  Forgive yourself when you feel that you are being judgmental. It just means you are seeing something in you that brings out emotion. Identify those emotions. Doing so will provide you the tools to navigate this world more freely. It will allow you to clear your mind and see things as they really are.

Sit with yourself. Write down every idea you have. Keep a dream journal. Also speak your truth. Don’t hold back your emotions because you are afraid of being vulnerable. Vulnerability is a strength. Continue to change your thinking patterns. You are headed in the right direction. Divine timing is everything. Things may not make a lot of sense right now, but you will see when the time is right. Do not give up hope. Do not let the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of others control you. Draw your power from source not people. Always come back to source. 

Do not be afraid. This is just the beginning. Remember one thing. Remember that your energy is everything.  Remember the universal laws. Your energy is what connects you to ALL creation. Just continue to believe. Continue to be you. The true authentic you. Let your light shine. Allow it to lead the way for others. You are the missing piece to the universe. Yes, you have a purpose. Your life is your purpose.

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