If you are reading this I am sure you are wondering by now what is youmeandtheworldyousee?

To be 100% honest I am not sure exactly what youmeandtheworldyousee will end up being. I was just one soul on a journey dedicated to lifting others to become the best versions of themselves. Ultimately, hoping to lead others to the path of living their most abundant life.

At the beginning of my journey I made a Facebook page. I first created youmeandtheworldyousee to document my journey. The journey of my own self-discovery which led me to find my intuition and spiritual beliefs. I told myself “If this page only helps one person and it is me I will consider it successful”. Everyday my one thought turns into something I never imagined and something far greater.

If you would like to know more about me please click the about me button (currently working on the content) on the home page. I work on my page as I am drawn. Time is relative and the page will build itself (so I am being told).

What you can expect:

  • First and foremost. You do not have to be spiritual to find this information useful. There will be plenty of content that can be used in a non spiritul way that can assist in goal setting, building self-confidence, developing love for self and others, mindfulness and much more.
  • You will never hear/read me preach that religion is right or wrong. I believe that every soul is on their own journey and have a desire to connect to something larger than themselves. I believe that through unconditional love of self you can meet people as you find them greeting them with compassion and acceptance for who they are right as you meet them (no judgement/no expectation).
  • I hope to bring some knowledge to people like myself that find themselves at a crossroads in their life. It may be an awakening, it may be a journey to find themselves and want to become more confident in their own skin.Whatever the reason my goal is for everyone to feel welcomed. I am a true believer that knowledge is power.
  • Emotion! Real emotion. I plan on telling my story and talking about parts of my journey because for me it is therapeutic and through my healing I know there will be healing for others.
  • My journey (awakening) left me searching for answers. I will discuss the findings of my search. I know that I am not the only one looking for answers. I mean if you think back to grade school when the teacher said ” if you have a question ask it because I am sure others want to know too”. Well, I will do it. I will ask the questions and find the answers and put them out there for the world to read.
  • I do offer some services. As I become more confident in my abilities and if drawn to I imagine that my list of services will grow.

Be on the look out for my about me link. We are all a work in progress to include this page… I am so excited to talk to you! Love and Light


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